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You may have come looking for a personal brand photographer because you have your own business. You might understand that photos of yourself are necessary to help your brand grow, but you hate having your photo taken. You know what? Most of the women I've photographed feel exactly the same way, but by the end of their shoot, they feel confident and beautiful and love their photos.


Ale photographed me for my personal branding and website. She made me feel totally at ease and she recognised quickly the poses and looks that worked best for me during the shoot. I absolutely love my photos, they look beautiful yet natural because Ale was able to portray who I really am.
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Hello I'm Ale, the one behind the camera.

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ale photography headshots branding sydney alejandra gabin

I promise you, on the other side of your FEAR are AMAZING photos that will help you and your business shine.

Brand photography for women who

 hate having their photo taken. 

Models know how to pose beautifully because of the many hours of practice and direction. They are also heavily photoshopped to look perfect on social media. I believe this is why most women hate the idea of professional photography. I have women say to me like: 

- "I couldn't possibly do that"

- "I really need new photos but I'm too awkward”

- “I have to lose weight first”

- “I don't think I can smile nicely and what would I do with my hands?” 

- “And all your clients are attractive!!” 

I always hear these things and believe it's a real and genuine concern. 

I can help you with those concerns! With my many years of experience, I can quickly and easily show you how to pose so you look your best. I will capture amazing photos that reflect your personality so you’ll be filled with confidence, feel great and grow your brand all at the same time. My shoots aren't awkward or intimidating, any of my past clients will tell you how much fun they had and how relaxed they are.


"Ale helped me understand how to warm up, enhance my smile and move in front of a camera. In the end, I felt more skilled, confident, and able to provide a genuine and relaxed ‘me’ in front of the camera. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Ale’s warmth, direction, and ability to draw my confidence out and banish my nerves!"

I can take all your photo anxiety away.

I’ll be right by your side from start to finish as we brainstorm ideas, make a list of the key images needed, coordinate hair and makeup, what to wear and location ideas. Mostly my job is to help you feel confident in front of my camera. I will work hard for you to create stunning images that will set your brand apart and will get you noticed.

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